Our Software

Below are the accessibility software solutions we have developed over time. Each box points to a GitHub repository where you can download the software to use it, read a user guide and even contribute to the project if you have the technical skills.

Please bear in mind that our software applications are created by students who still do not have the level of expertise and skills of professional software developers. Hence, code quality and documentation might be sub-optimal. The software is intended for motor impaired users with constrained financial situations who cannot afford a high quality but expensive accessibility solution. Our software can also be useful for people wishing to try out gaze interaction before committing to a considerable expenditure with a commercial accessibility solution. Our honest opinion is that if you can afford around $3000, we would recommend accessibility software and hardware from commercial companies such as:

Tobii Dynavox Windows Control

These companies provide a level of customer support and personalized troubleshooting that we simply cannot offer. That being said, you are welcome to try our software solutions and determine for yourself if they match your needs. Our software applications work with the following low cost eye trackers:

Tobii Eye Tracker 4C
Tobii EyeX
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This software allows a user to fully control a Windows computer using only their eyes and a low-cost eye tracker. The gaze only interaction is achieved using a two-step process by which a user first selects a desired interaction task (left mouse click, right mouse click, scrolling, etc.) by gazing at a gaze reactive taskbar on the border of the computer screen and then the user completes the selection by focusing on the screen target on which to perform the interaction task. The software also allows the augmentation of the system via accessibility switches to speed up interaction.
Read User Manual here.
Download from Github here.

Icon Communicator

An iconic keyboard that allows users who cannot read or write to communicate via gaze aware semantic icons. Download from Github here


FaceSwitch2 is an application that transforms predefined facial gestures to specific keyboard keystrokes. The program uses a Facial Landmarks Recognition model to create a multi-switch system driven by face gestures. FaceSwitch2 is intended to help computer users with limited mobility from the neck down but who have a good level of control of facial muscles by allowing those users to use facial gestures as on-off switches to control accessibility software. The software is intended to be used in combination with gaze control but can be used in other contexts as well. Download from Github here